Vital-Line Essentials

With Vital-Line Essentials, you manage your AED program, and we provide the tools that make your job easier:

  • Device prescription
  • Medical direction (required in most states)
  • Oversight of protocols, program requirements based on applicable legislation
  • Tools to track and maintain the program
  • Online resource library, including downloadable templates for protocols and EMS notifications as required by law
  • Access to the online management tool, ZEE Track
  • Medical review of post-event documentation
  • Post-event support services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Available in one to five year programs

Vital-Line Premium includes all of the above plus MORE »

For more information on Vital-Line Essentals call 800-355-8267 or email us.

Zee Medical AED Vital-Line Essentials