Online Training - Electrical Worker Training (EWT)

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7912 EWT - Communications Facilities This lesson covers the dangers involved and the unique practices needed to safely work on microwave equipment.
7913 EWT - Electrical Clearances The goal of this lesson is to provide awareness training for electrical workers in the safe procedures for de-energizing and reenergizing transmission and distribution lines and equipment.
7914 EWT - Enclosed Spaces This lesson covers when a manhole, ditch or trench can change from an enclosed space into a confined space, the significance of appropriate ventilation to prevent or clear unsafe atmospheres, and the safety practices needed to work in tight spaces.
7915 EWT – Excavations This lesson covers key terms used in excavation work, and how to properly design, construct and work in and around excavations.
7916 EWT - General Concepts This lesson covers definitions of terms, descriptions of common equipment, and safety policies and processes.
7917 EWT – Grounding This lesson covers proper grounding techniques, some general safety issues with grounds, and protection against fault currents. It also covers the importance of personal protective equipment, and how to correctly connect and remove grounds.
7918 EWT - Hand and Portable Power Tools This lesson covers the OSHA requirements for working with portable equipment, hydraulic and pneumatic power tools, live-line tools, and the requirements for maintaining them.
7919 EWT - Hazardous Energy Controls The goal of this lesson is to provide awareness training for electrical workers in the safe procedures for using lockout/tagout devices for the control of energy sources in installations for the purpose of electric power generation.
7920 EWT - Job Briefings The lesson covers why job briefings are important, when they should be held, and what information should be given to a work crew during the briefing.
7921 EWT - Ladders, Platforms, Step Bolts, & Manhole This lesson covers why ladders should be used appropriately, how to safely use special ladders and platforms, using step bolts and manhole steps, and when and how to use ladders made from conductive material.
7922 EWT - Line Clearance Tree Trimming The student will correctly Identify the appropriate safety practices around electrical hazards while performing line-clearance tree trimming, Identify the appropriate safety practices for transporting, starting, stopping and using gasoline engine power saws, Identify the appropriate safety practices to be followed when using brush chippers, stump cutters, sprayers, and related equipment, Identify the appropriate safety practices when using a backpack power unit for pruning and clearing, and Identify the appropriate practices for inspecting, using, and storing ropes.
7923 EWT - Mechanical Equipment The student will correctly identify the general requirements for using mechanical equipment, and identify safe practices when using mechanical equipment near energized lines and equipment.
7924 EWT - Medical Services and First Aid The learner will identify the OSHA requirements related to the electrical utility industry for medical services and first aid, the correct actions to take during an initial response to an accident or first aid situation, including examining the victim for bleeding, shock, burns, electrocution, head or spinal injuries, and fractures.
7925 EWT - Overhead Lines The learner will apply safe practices for working on or around poles, towers, and elevated structures, installing and removing overhead lines, and using aerial lifts.
7926 EWT - Overhead Lines with Live-Line Bare-Hand Work The learner will apply safe practices for working on or around poles, towers, and elevated structures, installing and removing overhead lines, performing live-line bare-hand work, and using aerial lifts.
7927 EWT - Personal Protective Equipment This lesson covers why wearing the right equipment is important, how to use it properly, how equipment can help in case of a fall, and how workers are insulated from energized parts.
7928 EWT - Power Generation This lesson covers general safety practices for working in power generating plants, how to guard energized equipment and energized parts, and work around steam boilers, chlorine systems, coal, and ash.
7929 EWT - Special Conditions and Materials Handling The learner will understand the special safe practices needed when working around some equipment, such as capacitors, and the proper storage locations for certain things in the work area.
7930 EWT – Substations The learner will know the standards for entering, operating, and performing maintenance in substations, preventing unauthorized access, and when and how to guard their lines and equipment.
7931 EWT - Testing and Test Facilities This lesson covers safety items unique to permanent or field testing facilities, guarding and grounding practices, how to safely use control and measuring circuits under testing conditions, and safety checks.
7932 EWT - Underground Electrical Installations This lesson covers the safety requirements for working in manholes and vaults, and working with underground lines and cables.
7933 EWT - Vault and Pole-Top Rescue The student will recognize the proper procedure to safely perform a vault rescue and pole-top rescue.
7934 EWT - Working On or Near Exposed, Energized Parts The learner will identify methods for guarding against electrical contact in the work area, including OSHA requirements for working alone, working safely, achieving minimum workspace, and maintaining minimum approach distances around electrical or energized equipment. The learner will also identify OSHA requirements for working with at least two employees during certain electrical work situations, and for performing inspections of electrical equipment.