Online Training - Employment Law

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7800 Absences from the Workplace This lesson provides awareness training in the federal laws that cover employee absences from the workplace for family and medical leave, military leave, and jury duty leave.
7801 AIDS in the Workplace This lesson covers the legal requirements for working with others who may be HIV-positive or have AIDS.
7802 Computer Security This lesson defines measures employees can take to ensure the security of computer systems, respond to potential security violations, recognize essential and sensitive data and its associated protections, and identify authorized computer uses.
7803 Disability in the Workplace This lesson covers the requirements of accommodation for staff and visitors with disabilities.
7804 Discrimination-Free Workplace This lesson provides employers and managers an awareness of issues relating to discrimination in the workplace and practical considerations for avoiding discriminatory practices, associated with race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, and physical or mental disability.
7805 Drug-free Workplace Substance abuse is a problem that affects the safety of all employees and the workplace. This lesson details ways to recognize possible substance abuse, how to get help, and the appropriate reporting procedures.
7806 Employee Concerns This lesson covers the purpose, scope, and elements of an Employee Concerns Program, the preferred process for resolving workplace concerns, and identifies the rights and responsibilities of employees and management. It also details the key steps that occur when a concern is raised.
7807 Ethics This lesson explains the purpose of an ethics program, identifies specific ethics standards, helps employees to recognize their responsibility to comply with these standards, identifies disciplinary actions that can result from noncompliance, and identifies how to properly raise ethical concerns and seek additional counsel. The application of ethics principles is applied through the use of case studies.
7808 Hiring and Lawful Termination This lesson helps employers and managers to identify the laws that provide protection against discrimination, apply them legally when asking interview questions, meet legal requirements and take appropriate actions prior to, during, and after an employment termination.
7809 Sexual Harassment for Employees This lesson reviews definitions and responsibilities of staff in dealing with peer-to-peer and other potentially problematic situations.
7810 Sexual Harassment for Managers This lesson covers responsibilities and suggested actions for Managers or Supervisors dealing with sexual harassment claims.
7812 Sexual Harassment for Supervisors 2 hr. (CA) The goal of this course is to train supervisors and managers to recognize, prevent, and correct sexual harassment, respond to complaints, identify retaliation, and promote a discrimination-free workplace.
7811 Violence in the Workplace This lesson covers best practices for keeping the work place free from violence, and how to respond if an incident does occur.