Whether in a construction site, restaurant kitchen, office break room, teacher's lounge or manufacturing facility, accidents and injuries could occur at any time.

Zee understands that your employees are your most valuable asset. Help them treat minor injuries and illnesses with a fully-stocked first aid cabinet from Zee Medical of Eastern PA.

With more than 50 years of service, and over 1,000 Representatives across North America, ZEE has the experience and expertise to deliver the best reward in the business… your peace of mind. Let us help you treat injuries in the workplace, minimize lost time, and help employees to be more productive when they are on the job.


Replenishment Services

Your local ZEE Representative will offer customized first aid solutions tailored to your workplace needs:

  • Restock first aid cabinets, including replenishment of used and expired products.
  • Recommend products for your first aid and safety program as needed.
  • Conduct regular service visits at 30, 60, or 90 day intervals.

The Five Areas of Protection

ZEE offers a wide range of trusted first aid products, chosen for their quality and performance across all industries. Make sure your employees are covered in the five basic areas of protection:

  • Major and Minor Injuries: Topicals, antiseptics, bandages, and dressings treat minor injuries and serious injuries until medical help arrives.
  • Burn Injuries: Burn Jel and burn sprays treat minor burns immediately to draw heat away and help prevent further damage to the skin.
  • Personal Protection: Gloves and antiseptic wipes help protect workers against bodily fluids and cross contamination.
  • Eye Care: Eye flushing solutions treat minor accidents and eye drops help relieve irritation. Provide relief and help reduce the risk of more serious damage to the eyes.
  • Productivity Products: Over-the-counter, non-drowsy, single-dose tablets help prevent symptoms related to allergies, headaches, indigestion, and colds to keep employees productive on the job.
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