12/1/2013 was the Deadline for GHS Training

What is GHS?

GHS stands for the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals. It is a system to standardize the way hazardous materials are classified. The idea is that the same criteria will be used all over the world to determine if a material is flammable, toxic or corrosive and so on. Learn more about GHS »

You may remember when OSHA introduced the MSDS and Right to Know programs into the American workplace. This was a disruptive time and quite sizable cost to most businesses to adopt this regulation into their workplace and employee introduction of the program details.

Will YOU Be Affected by GHS?

If you are a manufacturer, supplier or a user of chemicals you will be required to comply with new laws, regulations or directives for the classification and labeling of hazardous materials. The deadlines for compliance are looming!

What Must be Done to Comply with GHS?

  • Classification of all chemicals according to the new GHS criteria: Manufacturers and suppliers must not assume that because a material was not considered hazardous under the existing system it will escape classification in the GHS. By and large the GHS criteria are broader than existing MSDS standards and will therefore 'capture' more materials.
  • Preparation of new labels: The GHS has standardized the format of labels so that all will have the same headings. Standard phrases must be used to describe the various hazards. Learn more about GHS labels »
  • Training of Employees: GHS is more complex than previous hazard communication systems, and the most important task in GHS implementation will be employee training. There are 3 main hazard groups Physical, Health and Environmental. These groups are subdivided into various hazard "classes" (Physical =16 classes, Health =10 classes and Environmental =2 classes). In addition the various "classes" are subdivided yet again into hazard "categories" depending on whether they are serious or less serious hazards. This complexity requires that any training be carefully planned. In particular it must be able to turn complex terms and concepts into everyday understandable language. Programs offering training in several different languages will be in demand.
GHS Training

What Should You Do?

Call ZEE Medical of Eastern Pennsylvania at 1-800-355-8267 or email us today to learn more.

We will provide the MSDS to GHS conversion services needed to ensure compliance in a timely fashion, and reduce the burden on your people and processes. This includes audits of your materials, label preparation and training of employees in all three levels. We are specialists in all aspects of workplace safety training and certification.

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