High performance gloves can be used for a variety of industries and applications. They are popular in applications where comfort, dexterity, and protection are required.

Cut Resistant

  • Designed to protect hands from direct contact with sharp edges.
  • Resists cuts from glass, metal, ceramic, and other materials.
  • Typically consists of a high-performance material that can be coated for added protection.

Coated Knits

  • Knit gloves treated with a coating, such as nitrile, latex, or polyurethane.
  • Helps increase strength and grip while reducing hand fatigue.
  • Coatings help improve the lifespan of the glove.

Mechanics/High Dexterity

  • Suited for applications that require superior fit, comfort, grip, and dexterity.
  • Constructed of either synthetic material or leather.
  • Often features added protection in the fingertips, knuckles, and back of hand.
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