Monthly Inspection Service Program – Is It Right for You?


Small / medium business employers may have special problems in dealing with workplace safety and health hazards. Frequently, large corporations can afford the full-time services of safety engineers and industrial hygienists, whereas small firms often cannot.


Most businesses are pretty good at having a quality Safety and Health Program as part of their corporate mission and employee communications. The Knowledge / Doing gap occurs when budgets, personnel, and higher priorities all take precedence over your workplace safety inspection obligations. ZEE Medical Services of Eastern PA now has a program that offers a cost effective alternative to “methods not getting it done”. Further details are described below.first aid

OSHA and State regulations require certain life safety elements within your workplace to be checked for “ready to use” operation on a monthly basis.

Typically these include:

  • First Aid Stations and associated support equipment
  • Fire Extinguishers, Alarms, and Pull Stations
  • AED’s (Automated Defibrillators)
  • Eyewash and Emergency Wash Stations
  • Lock Out / Tag Out permits
  • Hazardous Waste Holding / Storage and permitseye wash

ZEE Medical offers a comprehensive Inspection / Operation / Training / Maintenance Program. Under our program, we will provide:

  • Monthly Inspections
  • Quarterly Operation / Function Tests
  • Logs of Inspection and Compliance Records
  • Training
  • Replacement of Accessories Reaching Expiration

ZEE Medical’s monthly service takes away the burden of scheduling your people to perform these activities; while at the same time, we provide your record retention of compliance and update logs.

The Basic Fees:

$35.00 monthly service fee + $2.85 per device checked (visual inspection) and $15.00 for quarterly operational checks of AED per facility (any number at the same address and building).
  • Training – members of this program receive a 25% discount in any training performed by ZEE
  • Free Site Evaluations – occupation / safety / emergency conditions to Standards and Regulations (performed every six months)
  • Annual recap of expenditures, Root Cause Analysis reports (using client logs and reports against best practices)

For more information on the benefits of customized training, properly stocked first aid cabinet, employee wellness programs, OSHA regulations and compliance, or workplace assessment and risk management, contact us at 800-355-8267 or email us today.