Facilities Management, Emergency Response,
Access to Data from Anywhere

When Seconds Count ... Our advanced technology is a valuable tool for enhancing emergency preparedness and response in a crisis situation.

No matter your company size or industry, busy executives want to reduce the risk of emergencies within their facilities and work campuses. Our Professional Services Group has a solution to fit your business needs. Our products are scalable and tailored to work with you and your company's operational requirements. Our cloud-based solutions help you improve productivity and efficiency by organizing your records, work and purchase orders, and more. It's all about improving your bottom line, managing your time and business more easily and effectively.

Site Management: Organize your emergency information and scale from a few sites to hundreds. Review site activity and implementation progress through one screen. Place locations of life safety and key infrastructure items and easily locate with icon filtering. Link map to virtual binders for instant updates throughout the systems information (Virtual Binders etc.). Color-code and highlight rooms, offices, work and restricted areas, hazardous materials and other reference points. Insert icons with the drag and drop feature. Attach documents, images or notes to any area. Connect your information to internal teams and first responders for improved pre-planning and response.


  • Secure, Cloud-Based Technology
  • Organize critical safety information in a single location for easy maintenance and review by staff
  • Connect files to emergency responders anytime, anywhere for improved planning and response.
  • Photograph your selected key areas (example: chemical storage areas, labs, mechanical rooms).
  • Photograph critical areas of occupancy and access using photos and 360º images / mobile mapping technology.
  • Attach Key personnel contact information to the designated space files.
  • Examples: electric, gas, water and life safety item locations (AEDs), First Responders.
Navigate Emergency Managment
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Zee Medical Emergency Managment

NaviGate Emergency is currently deployed in a wide variety of commercial facilities of all sizes -- from one of the world's tallest skyscrapers to single installations at a manufacturing facility. Our current client list includes:

  • 450 facilities that are part of one of the nation's leading higher education institutions
  • A leading manufacturer of chemically resistant, high performance epoxy, vinyl ester and polyester floorings, coatings and linings
  • 275 facilities that are owned and managed by a leading commercial real estate development firm
  • 435 facilities that comprise one of the world's largest food manufacturing companies
  • Public entertainment venues include state fairs, convention centers and more
  • Healthcare institutions of all sizes, from multi-facility installations of leading hospital brands to single installations with local/regional healthcare organizations

Our Professional Services Group has the talent and the experience to help you plan for your future. For more information on our capabilities, and where we might fit into your organization, call 800-355-8267 or email us today.

Zee Medical Testimonial

"From the healthcare facility perspective, I am always looking for strategic approaches to efficient, effective management of Aultman's operations. NaviGate Emergency has delivered efficiencies to the way my team functions, the organization and accessibility of our safety data and information, how we meet compliance regulations and more. Additionally, the technology has improved our emergency response procedures, providing a safer and more secure environment for our patients, visitors and caregivers.

Chris Feller, Executive Director Facilities & Safety Aultman Health Foundation