Pennsylvania Certified Safety Committee Program


Pennsylvania Certified Safety Committee Program Every day, business executives are looking for ways to reduce their business expense, and ways to increase sales. One possible savings element is "right in front of their noses" – the Penna. Certified Safety Committee Program.

In a nutshell, go through the process of organization and structure (takes about six months), then submit for State Approval, then submit this certificate to your WC Insurance Carrier and receive a 5% discount off your premiums.

If you are a company that competes on price in the marketplace, think about the savings this program offers to your price structure.

What are the Requirements for Certification?

A workplace safety committee must meet all certification requirements to be initially certified and must continue to meet those requirements to renew certification and to earn discounts in subsequent years.

First, the committee must be formed and meet the criteria set forth in the Workers' Compensation Health and Safety Regulations, Chapter 129, Subchapter F. Then an application must be completed and approved by the Bureau of Workers' Compensation. Once the initial certificate is issued, annual renewals are simple to complete.

When can PA workplace safety committee certification applications be submitted?

Initial applications must be submitted between 90 and 30 calendar days prior to the annual renewal of your workers' compensation policy.

Renewal applications must be submitted between 90 and 15 calendar days prior to the renewal of your workers' compensation policy.

Pennsylvania Certified Safety Committee Program

Employee Rights Under Penna. State Laws:

We reside in an employment-at-will state – one critical area is what happens when a Workers Comp claim leaves an employee “off work”. As an employer, you are not obligated to leave the job open forever. You may be able to terminate or lay you off the affected employee if they cannot resume job performance due to physical restrictions. However, you cannot dismiss solely because a workers' compensation claim was made. In addition, an employer does not have to maintain health insurance or other benefits while the affected employee is receiving workers' compensation benefits.

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