Professional Services Group

Our Professional Services Group helps companies of all sizes create a cleaner, safer and more productive work environment. Our comprehensive list of services include:

Consulting Services:

Our team of professionals work closely with management to identify areas of risk, define a plan forward, and implement corrective strategies and tactics.
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Training Solutions:

The ever-evolving workplace requires ongoing training of employees and management to help ensure compliance and maximum productivity. We can help your company reduce risk and ensure compliance by reviewing current procedures and providing recommendations on new training programs, refresher courses and reporting going forward.
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Retainer Program:

Our Retainer Program provides an easy way to help ensure your employees have access to First Aid and Safety supplies, while ensuring your risks are identified and training provided – all for one low monthly fee.
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Pest Control:

Our team is certified as Pest Control technicians. Using our state of the art sanitation and remediation process, our Service Solutions™ specializes in the on-site disinfection, deodorizing, and antimicrobial protection of commercial and residential surfaces against dangerous bacteria, mold, mildew, pests, fungi and virus.
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Ozone Solutions:

Ozone is natural, safe and highly-effective, and can help reduce or eliminate the need for traditional -- and often hazardous -- chemicals. Our Professional Services Group offers a variety of solutions to your sanitation needs.
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Industry Solutions

ZEE Medical has created industry-specific solutions designed to meet the needs of your business.
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Zee Professional Services Group
Zee Professional Services Group