Comprehensive Training Programs

We offer thousands of training programs in a wide variety of industries, both online and offline, onsite or remote, through our Professional Services Division and through our 40-year relationship with ZEE Medical.

The training programs through ZEE Medical include:

  • Emergency training: including First Aid, CPR and AED training)
  • Occupational training including occupational safety, employment law, healthcare / HIPAA, and more.
  • 420 online modules: to help reduce downtime
  • ZEE Advantage Training Programs: ZEE Advantage offers informative and interactive DVD based training modules that allows you the flexibility to provide training wherever and whenever you need to.
  • Order Training Programs Online: You can order many of our training programs 24/7 using our secure, easy-to-use online store.

The training programs thourgh our Professional Services Division include:

  • GHS training: are you aware of the deadlines for MSDS-to-GHS conversion training?
  • Safety Committee Training: we can audit your current safety committee practices to ensure compliance and certification, or help you create a committee if needed.
  • Hazardous Materials Response Training: Participants will learn how to recognize a hazardous material, what happens in a package release, and associated risks and corrective measures involved.
  • OSHA-Approved Training:
Zee Medical Training Solutions

In addition, we have created a unique program to help you audit, manage and complete certifications company-wide – including resourcing man-hours during training downtime, measuring savings (online vs. offline), multilingual training, and much more. We can help your company reduce risk and ensure compliance by reviewing current procedures and providing recommendations on new training programs, refresher courses and reporting going forward.

Most importantly, we provide customized training programs to address the very specific needs of your industry, company size, risks, staff capacity/skill-sets and more.

To learn more regarding our comprehensive training programs, call 800-355-8267 or email us today to schedule an appointment.