Online Training - Utility Supplemental Training

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7940 Utility - Bucket Rescue Accidents sometimes happen that require an employee to rescue a co-worker. This lesson provides employees with techniques of bucket rescue so that when faced with a rescue situation they will be able to respond appropriately.
7941 Utility -
Dog-Attack Prevention
The student will learn general guidelines and self-protection skills needed to prevent injuries from a dog encounter or dog attack.
7942 Utility -
The student will learn the techniques of self-rescue that will help them to safely get down from a stranded aerial lift device.
7943 Utility -
Sling Safety
Employees will identify hazards associated with sling use, recognize procedures for inspecting sling equipment, demonstrate general safe operating practices for sling use, and identify specific requirements for the use of alloy steel chain slings, wire rope slings, natural and synthetic fiber rope slings, and synthetic web slings. Employees will also identify when these slings must be removed from service.
7944 Utility - Working with Self-Contained Meters This lesson will enable the employee to demonstrate proficiency in exchanging, connecting, and disconnecting polyphase, self-contained, single-phase self-contained and network meters.