Local Executive Speaks at the Northeast PA SHRM Conference
Topic: Violence in the Workplace

On June 4th Dale Rothenberger, Sales & Marketing Manager for ZEE Medical Services of Eastern PA, presented at the Northeast Pennsylvania SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management) Conference for many of the largest employers in the region. Rothenberger learned some interesting – and troubling – facts when he surveyed the audience with two questions:

  • How many have had a major worksite incident in their career
  • How many companies have policies and training to prepare for such an event

What Rothenberger learned from this group of 50 is that few companies are prepared for such an event, yet 1 in 3 businesses have already had a violent act occur on their premises. He then asked, “If an employee handed you a “PFA Protection From Abuse” court order, what do you do?” These HR professionals were clearly unprepared to provide the proper answer.

Some facts for employers and HR pros to consider:

  • Workplace violence is the number one cause of workplace fatalities for women
  • #2 Cause of death for all Work-related fatalities
  • Over one-third (36 percent) of organizations reported incidents of workplace violence in 2012
  • 18% of all crimes committed occur in the workplace
  • How much goes unreported?
  • It is estimated that nearly 25 percent of all workplace violence goes unreported
Source: Business Health Services

According to a recent survey:

  • 47 percent of organizations have responded to employee threats of violence by immediate termination
  • Twenty-nine percent indicated that the employee would be suspended
  • 31 percent stated that the employee would be given a written warning
  • What is your policy? How is it enforced?

Typically, the person who came to commit the crime

  • Has no relationship to the workplace (Robbery)
  • Is the recipient of a service (Customer)
  • Has an employment relationship with a current or former employee (Supervisor or fellow employee)
  • Has a personal relationship with a current or former employee (Domestic Violence)

Rothenberger encouraged attendees to sign up for a FREE visibility analysis. Typical results show gaps and discrepancies in policies to training.

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