ZEE Medical Eastern PA: Why We Are Different

At ZEE Medical of Eastern PA you will find a team of professionals that understand that your business is changing. Today more than ever, you are expected to "Do More" "With Less" and "get it done now". Our team is equipped to help you in all areas of your business operation: Workplace safety and emergency response, training, technology to help you run a more efficient business, to delivering "Green Initiatives" solutions (Ozone Solutions, Energy audits, and environmentally friendly products). Today, busy executives are looking for support partners that understand their business, while providing more of their needs under a "one-stop" relationship.

Worker Productivity and Safety on the Job:

  • First Aid (Personalized delivery or online serve yourself)
  • Gloves and PPE Programs
  • Unique supplies to your industry (Metal Detectable, Seasonal Productivity)
  • Operational Site audits and risk management

Training and Certification:

  • Emergency response training (First aid, CPR, AED)
  • Occupational training (over 420 course titles)
  • Regulatory compliance (GHS conversion)
  • Respirator fit and proper use training

AED Sales, Support, Training, Consulting / Professional Services:

  • Business Emergency Preparedness / Business Continuity
  • OSHA Compliance and WSE – inspection prep, site audits, OSHA follow-up management
  • Hazard Assessment Programs – Gas, Noise, Liquid, Chemical
  • Environmental and Air / Water Quality
  • Current Issues training - Security and Violence in the Workplace (what policies are written, what training has been done, who is part of first responder team)
  • Employee Protection Programs / School Assessment Programs
Zee Professional Services GroupClick here to learn about our Professional Services Group, helping companies provide a cleaner, safer and more productive work environment.

OZONE Applications and Equipment:

  • Food Manufacturing, Municipal Water, Healthcare, Hotels and apartments, Restaurants
  • Field Assessment of utilization opportunities and associated cost savings
  • NJPA (contracting agency for governments, municipalities, non-profits)

Technology Services:

  • MSDS – to - GHS program conversion management and training
  • Process improvement and management – safety committee
  • Training Management Services – track personal training, cashflow, scheduling

Supporting Services:

  • Customer Value Program – loyalty for long term, higher spend customers
  • Print, advertising, specialties (safety improvement programs)
  • Life Safety training / Operational training programs (Zee Advantage / e-learning)
  • Fulfillment Services